Lucas Prost

Lucas Prost — PhD student
Joined the group in 2018

Genomic data have revealed that events of ancient whole-genome duplication (WGD, paleopolyploidy) occurred multiple times throughout evolutionary history of eukaryotes, especially in the plant lineage. Many WGDs seem to segregate at specific times of major ecological upheaval, for instance around the Creataceous/Paleogene boundary, a well-known period of extinction. These observations raised questions on the evolutionary consequences of polyploidy, and on its evolutionary role during environmental disturbances.

Experimental evolution, combined with (re-)sequencing of the evolved populations (an approach sometimes called Evolve & Resequence, E&R), has given interesting insights into the genomic evolution in many experiments. My PhD focuses on an experiment using Chlamydomonas reinardtii strains of different levels of ploidy, that are evolving in normal and stressful conditions. Fitness assays and sequencing of the evolved populations will give insight into the role of ploidy through adaptation, and into the differences between the different levels of ploidy.

Birtdate: 5th of February, 1995 (Obernai, France)

  • September 2018 – : Start of PhD in the team Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics (VIB-UGent center for Plant Systems Biology).
    Topic: “Experimental evolution and evolutionary genomics – The effects of whole-genome duplication on plant evolution”.
  • June 2018 – : Master of Science in Evolutionary Biology (2nd year: Lille University, France / 1st year: Lund University, Sweden).
    Master’s thesis: “Genetic responses during an experimental evolution of Noccaea caerulescens in zinc-polluted conditions”.
  • 2016 – : Bachelor of Science in Population and Organism Biology (Lille University, France).


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