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Our lab is located in the VIB-UGent research building at "Tech Lane Ghent" in Zwijnaarde, just outside of Ghent city.

VIB-UGent research building

How to reach us

By bus:
At the front of the railway station 'Gent Sint-Pieters' take bus 47 (platform 10, direction Oudenaarde), bus 49 (platform 10, direction Herzele), bus 70 (platform 6, direction Zwijnaarde), bus 71 (platform 6, direction Nazareth) or bus 72 (platform 6, direction Merelbeke).

After about fifteen minutes, you will cross the bridge over the canal and the E40 motorway, and you have get off at one of the following two stops:

  • The first stop marked 'Bollebergen' (for all busses). The Technologiepark is on the other side of the large roundabout. Walk into the park, go straight on at the roundabout; the VIB-UGent research building is the first building on the left.
  • The second stop marked 'Technologiepark' (for all busses except bus 47). The Technologiepark is straight in front of you on the other side of road. Walk into the park, go straight on until you reach a T-junction; the VIB-UGent research building is located across on the right.

Bus schedules can be found on the official website of 'de Lijn'.
For a single ride, you can pay on the bus (3€) or by texting "DL" to number 4884 (2.15€).

By shuttle bus:
During peak hours (between 7:30-9:30 and 16:30-18:30), there are shuttle busses that connect the railway station Gent St-Pieters and the Technology site every 15 minutes (time table).

The shuttle bus is free, but you need to create a QR code on beforehand and print it or show it on your phone.

At the railway station, the pick-up point is located at the 'De Lijn' bus stop at the back of the railway station.

On the Technology site, there are 4 bus stops: Lab Magnel, Fytolab, Bio-accelerator and AA Tower. To reach the VIB-UGent research building, you have to leave the bus either at the first or the second stop, since our building is just between both stops on the left.

Click here for a general map of Technologiepark (also known as 'Tech Lane Ghent', 'Science Park - Campus A', 'Campus Ardoyen' or 'Agro-Biotech Valley').