Venn Diagrams

With this tool you can calculate the intersection(s) of list of elements. It will generate a textual output indicating which elements are in each intersection or are unique to a certain list. If the number of lists is lower than 6 it will also produce a graphical output in the form of a venn diagram. You have the choice between symmetric (default) or non symmetric venn diagrams. Currently you are able to calculate the intersections of at maximum 30 lists.


wgd is a Python package and command line interface (CLI) for the analysis of whole genome duplications (WGDs). wgd implements methods for constructing Ks distributions starting from a CDS fasta file, tools for intra-genomic synteny analysis and methods for modeling and visualizing Ks distributions.


ZT is a free software tool which performs simple and partial Mantel tests. Contrary to the simple Mantel test, which tests the correlation between only two matrices, the partial Mantel test investigates the correlation between two matrices while controlling the effect of a third one, and thus tries to remove spurious correlations. The zt software is written in the C programming language, both for speed of computation and for being able to handle very large matrices.